Full CV

1997 -                             Independent expert witness and consumer safety consultant

1995 - 1996     Department of Trade and Industry  -  Overseas Trade Services

                                                              Deputy Director in Export Services
As part of the Secretary of State's expansion of Government Export Services, specially selected and promoted to oversee the introduction of office automation, and the development of special databases for the staff engaged in Trade Policy & Export Promotion work, to streamline services to industry.

1981-1995     Department of Trade and Industry - Consumer Safety Unit

Originally especially recruited to evaluate Government Safety Regulations and Product Safety Policies. Progressively promoted to become UK Government representative on national and international issues, particularly those within the scope of the European Commission.

1993-1995                                            Hazard Analysis Manager
Given wider responsibility to represent DTI on UK delegations dealing in matters with a European dimension.

1987-1993                                             Deputy Head of Research
Given additional responsibility for the major part of the Research budget, building on earlier contribution to the growing success of the Home Accident Surveillance System.


1981-1987                                             Operational Research Scientist
Dealt with Senior Civil Servants advising Ministers on a large number of policy matters. Provided answers to Parliamentary questions. Produced minutes, briefings and reports. Contributed to inter-Departmental and Agency meetings. Liaised with numerous Central Government sources, Local Government Chief Officers, Pressure Groups, Trade Organisations, Consumer Associations, Standards, University and Academic Institutions. Member of the team that identified and justified the need for what became the 1987 Consumer Protection Act.

1980-1981                           Cambridge University

Specially invited to take part in strategically important Dept. of the Environment funded project studying decision making methods involved in the disposal of radioactive waste.

1975-1979                           University of Birmingham

Awarded MOD Research studentship in the Department of Metallurgy.

1970-1975                            Ministry of Defence

Whilst still of school age, one of only a handful chosen for the engineering management training scheme at UKAEA atomic weapons research establishment, one of the World's leading pioneers in applying computer techniques to engineering design and manufacture.

Awarded sponsorship to Cambridge University to study for a BA (Eng) degree..