Since 1997 I have been engaged as an independenexpert witness in over 100 product safety, work injury and occupiers liability, child care and criminal cases by solicitors for claimants or defendants, as a single joint expert, by trading standards authorities and by the police - in cases ranging from balloons to hammer drills and glazing to children's clothing.

I have over 30 years experience of consumer safety work, having previously been employed in the Department of Trade and Industry’s Consumer Safety Unit. Recruited to evaluate Government Safety Regulations and Product Safety Policies, I subsequently gained a wide experience of product standards, home safety promotion, sports injury statistics and accident analysis through a succession of appointments, including Hazard Analysis Manager and Deputy Head of Research and became the UK Government representative in relation to many product safety standards issues. I remain active in a wide range of consumer product safety standards issues, and continue to publish professional articles occasionally.

I am also the Director of Consumer Risk Limited - a consultancy which provides advice, research and training services to suppliers of consumer products and services, and to regulatory and standards bodies - in the UK and overseas. The European Commission has appointed me to its pool of scientific advisors on risk assessment

A chartered Mechanical Engineer recognised by both the UK and European governing bodies for the engineering profession, and a Registered Consultant recognised by Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, I am a Founding Individual Member of the Expert Witness Institute and an Individual Member of the British Standards Institution. I have a first degree in engineering from the University of Cambridge and a doctorate in Metallurgy & Materials Science from the University of Birmingham.

  • Described as “highly qualified and experienced” by Lord Justice Pill in Abouzaid v Mothercare appeal court judgement.
  • Advisor to Government, consumer product manufacturers, importers and retailers and to consumer service providers.
  • World-wide contacts with other experts in product hazard analysis, safety requirements and accident prevention.
  • Published journal articles and international conference papers including “Risk per hour of exposure to consumer products”, and “Helping Judges judge safety.”
  • Guest editor of leading international journal “Accident Analysis and Prevention”
  • Listed in "Who's who in science & engineering"
  • Formerly responsible for the UK’s surveillance system for monitoring consumer accidents
  • Appointed a Scientific Advisor on Risk Assessment by the European Commission
  • Courts and cases in which I have given evidence include

    Abouzaid v Mothercare 2000 (eye damage by elastic fastener of "Cosytoes" on pushchair)
    Toddler strangled by window blind cord (Scottish Fatal Accideint Inquiry 2009)
    Mayor's Court
    R v Brittain 2002 Nanny charged with GBH of child in her care who burnt hand on oven door
    crown court sign
    Pontyprodd exterior

    Other press-reported cases in which I was engaged to advise or prepare reports have included:

    Children's finger injuries in hinges of Maclaren pushchairs (2010)

    "Baby P" murder investigation (2008)

    Liverpool City Council's prosecution of seven leading manufacturers of baby walkers (1999)