Consumer Safety Expert Witness Services

Since 1998, as an independent consumer safety expert, I have prepared over a hundred opinions and reports on a wide range of consumer products involved in product liability, trading standards, child care and criminal legal actions for claimants, prosecutors or defendants.

I have extensive experience of mechanical, physical and thermal sources of hazard and of human factors issues in the interactions between products and consumers (eg instructions for use, warnings and labels, foreseeable human errors and child behaviour). However I also deal with the duties of suppliers under the General Product Safety Regulations in respect of any safety issue (eg dilgence in design and testing, monitoring safety complaints, dealing with enforcement bodies and product recalls or withdrawals)

Product and service sectors in which I have been consulted include: DIY and vehicle maintenance equipment. Toys. Play and educational equipment. Pushchairs, nursery and childcare products. Choking hazards. Child-resistant features. Domestic glazing, doors and other construction products. Ladders and access equipment. Garden tools. Furniture. Food processors, cooking and kitchen equipment. Heating and lighting. Electrical, gas, oil and solid fuel appliances. Barbecues. Cigarette lighters. Cycles. Clothing. Protective equipment. Stairlifts and mobility aids. Exercise, sports and leisure equipment. Packaging. Labels, warnings and instructions. Rented accommodation, hotels and holiday lettings. Products in schools, colleges. and public access areas.


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